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In 2015, Sina Darban started his studies in the field of Materials Science and engineering as a bachelor student at Azad University, Science and Research Branch (Tehran, Iran). In 2018, He continued his studies at University of Tabriz (Tabriz, Iran) and got MSc in Materials engineering . During his MSc studies, He corporated as a researcher in Advanced Ceramic Research Group (ACRG) under the supervision of Prof. Mahdi Ghassemi Kakroudi. He defended his MSc thesis titled "The effect of Ni catalyst phenolic resin on Al2O3-C refractories".

In 2019, Sina Darban gained the Marie-Curie institute scholarship for his PhD project, and he joined to the ITN-ETN-ATHOR one of the Horizon 2020 European project. Now, he is an EU Early Stage Researcher (ESR). Further, he works at AGH UST in refractories group and doing his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Jacek Szczerba. His Ph.D. project is about "The effect of corrosion on thermomechanical properties of refractory linings". 

His main scientific intersts are:

- Oxide-based materials

- Refractory materials

- Ceramic-based composits 

Last update: 22 September 2020
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