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My interest is focused on materials technologies - ceramic and metals - new and innovative routes of production and application of advanced methods for the determination of their properties, especially those related to conditions of high temperature and mechanical loads.

Refractory materials are a group of ceramic materials which passionate about me for above 10 years. These materials are widely applied as thermal linings in multiple sectors of the industry - everywhere high temperature is used, e.g. in steel, copper, cement, glass, lime industries etc. Often, they have to withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures (above 1000oC), complex and highly aggressive chemical environments, and mechanical loads. In most cases, these factors act simultaneously and cause premature shortening of the lifetime of refractory. The development of new refractory materials is a real challenge! This requires joining many elements, thus, the implementation of an interdisciplinary approach is appropriate and requires the application of knowledge from many areas including, chemistry, physics and technics. 

Currently, I am the Leader of the R&D project "Development of new generation of intelligent chrome-free refractory materials for the copper industry", financed by the program LIDERXII, by the National Center for Science and Development (NCBR). In this project, together with my young and ambitious team members, we are developing totally new refractory materials dedicated to copper converters. These materials will not contain Cr2O3, and will be a practical alternative for the currently used worldwide refractory materials with Cr2O3 applied commonly worldwide. More about the project in the interview: (Puld Biznesu, 2022): https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6903969636186935296/


I am pleased to invite you to submit your original work to the MATERIALS – Special Issue „Design, Manufacturing, and Properties of Refractory Materials”.
MATERIALS is a high-visibility Open Access Journal with Impact Factor 3.748.
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- Innovative zero-chrome refractory materials - synthesis and properties examination
- Novel analysis of microstructures of refractory materials produced using arc plasma for high-temperature applications
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